About サンボマスター

About サンボマスター

Sambomaster (サンボマスター) is a Japanese Rock band, signed to Sony Music Japan. They were formed in February 2000 when Takashi Yamaguchi (山口隆) (Guitar & Vocals) and Yasufumi Kiuchi (木内泰史) (Drums & Back-Up Vocals) who had first met at a music club at university a few years prior, met Youichi Kondo (近藤洋一) (Bass & Back-Up Vocals) and decided to start a band. Thus, Sambomaster were born.

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Atarashiki Nihongo Rokku No Michi To Hikari

Atarashiki Nihongo Rokku No Michi To Hikari

Release date: 12.03.2003
Tracks: 10

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